July 1, 2011

True Touch Flowers: A New Trend that will Last
Author: Jadrien Sheehan

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Gone are the days of silk flowers that scream, “Hello! I'm fake!!!” We've all seen them... those flowers with frayed edges made from cheap material that can't hold its shape; flowers that are supposed to be adding beauty to one of the most beautiful days in a couple's life.

As a former bride, I wanted nothing more than a gorgeous wedding (and a happy marriage!). I knew how important beautiful flowers are to the elegance of a wedding. BUT... I also knew that I had a very difficult time spending so much money on something that would wilt, turn brown, and dry out within days. To me, the thought of returning home from my honeymoon to find a brown, crunchy bridal bouquet was rather depressing. I wanted something that would last forever... something that I could look at and be reminded of the love, commitment, and romance that my husband and I share together.

I looked into flower preservation, only to discover that it would cost nearly as much as the bouquet itself would cost - and there were so many rules! You have to keep your bouquet in the best shape possible, because the way it looks at the end of the wedding day is the way it would look preserved. Knowing that my wedding was going to be in the middle of a HOT summer, I was a little worried about how well my bouquet would withstand the heat. I kept hearing about how if I wasn't using my bouquet, it would need to be in water or a refrigerator. That was the last thing I wanted to worry about on such a special day!

That is when I discovered True Touch Flowers. These amazing flowers are artificial, but you would never know it! They have an extremely realistic appearance AND texture! I really debated about whether or not I wanted to use artificial flowers for my wedding, and I ultimately came up with the following list of reasons:

1. They will not wilt as the day progresses – especially in warm weather.
2. They do not have to be kept in water or a refrigerator.
3. You can use the flowers for your Bridal Portrait or post-wedding day photography sessions – it will be the same special bouquet from the wedding AND you won't have to buy it twice!
4. They won't irritate allergies.
5. They don't have pollen or dyes that can stain fabrics.
6. There are no preservation costs – which can cost several hundred dollars and is very time-sensitive.
7. You won't have to worry about whether or not you will like the flowers because you will have them long before your wedding day!
8. You won't be spending several hundred dollars on something that will wither, dry out, and turn brown.
9. They can be displayed in your home as a keepsake and reminder of the love and commitment a husband and wife share together.

After taking all of these reasons into consideration, my answer was easy. If I can't tell that these flowers aren't real, my guests certainly won't know the difference!

I am so glad that I made that decision. My pictures turned out beautifully, and everyone loved the flowers. Some of the staff at our reception hall even kept taking my bouquet to put in water because they thought it looked and felt so real!

After our wedding, my husband and I decided that if we were so happy with these flowers, why shouldn't we share them with others! We then founded Timeless Wedding Impressions, a design studio that creates custom wedding flowers using True Touch Flowers. You can view our website at:

Brides can use drop-down menus to customize their own special wedding flowers. We offer a great variety of designs, flower colors, ribbon colors, and extra decorations that are added to the stems. Our number one goal is for a bride and her groom to LOVE their wedding flowers. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

Thank you, and we hope that you have a beautiful wedding and a marriage that you will treasure for the rest of your lives!